Faculty and Staff Services

Learn more about hybrid-ready spaces, room reservations and training, and teaching applications.

List of Faculty and Staff Services

Request/Schedule Event Support

HITS provides classroom event support during business hours, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm. Please provide two days of advance notice by submitting a request through the Help Center(link is external). HITS event services include: 

  • Equipment testing and setup
  • Support for the first 10-15 minutes of an event to ensure all technology is working correctly
  • Immediate in-person support (in select rooms) if something breaks

HITS has partnered with City Events Group to provide additional event support capacity across the medical school and hospital for a standard fee, including A/V support for evening and weekend events. Use the event support request form in the Help Center for help with any upcoming event. Advance notice is appreciated!

Lecture Capture

In-classroom lecture capture is available in the following rooms: 

  • Med Sci I 3330, 5330 

  • Med Sci 2 3695 NLH, 3697 WLH, 3699 SLH  

  • Taubman Health Sciences Library 2901, 2903

Lecture capture support is available on a case by case basis. Recordings are scheduled and managed by the HITS Classroom Technology Services.  Please submit a request for event support + lecture capture at least 2 days in advance of the lecture recording to coordinate setup.  

Click the button below to submit a request.

Hybrid-Ready Spaces

See the list of spaces outfitted with hybrid learning technology, allowing you to see, hear, and engage with learners in the classroom or joining remotely.

Get Room Training

Need AV support testing equipment in a study room or lecture hall? We can help with training and answer questions about room capabilities, or provide room recommendations based on your needs. Please reach out to us in advance to request AV room training and schedule a time to meet.

App Consult

HITS provides application support and help identifying the best tool for your needs. Potential solutions can include existing applications in the HITS environment, leveraging solutions from across campus, and investigating and analyzing new vendor solutions.

Reserve a Room

We offer a variety of rooms that can be reserved for studying or small group work. To reserve a room and learn about available equipment, visit Schedulon using your uniqname and UMICH password. For first time users, go to the Michigan Medicine Help Center to request a Schedulon account.

When reserving medical school classrooms, study rooms and lecture halls, note that semester scheduling limits how far ahead a room can be booked in advance. Typically rooms cannot be booked for the next semester until the last two weeks of the current semester. 

Buildings using Schedulon for room reservations:

  • Basic Science Research Building (BSRB)
  • Buhl Research Center for Human Genetics (BUHL)
  • Cardiovascular Center (CVC)
  • Medical Science Research Buildings I & II
  • Taubman Health Sciences Library (THSL)
  • North Campus Research Complex (NCRC)
  • Towsley Center for Continuing Medical Education
  • University Hospital (UH)
  • University Hospital South (UHS)

Connect to WiFi

If you are part of UM

  • Use your uniqname and UMICH password to access the eduroam network across Michigan Medicine, or the MWireless-UMHS network in certain medical school and administrative buildings. 

  • On a mobile device (phone or tablet), you can also access the UMHS-8021x network. Requires enrollment in the Mobile Device Management system prior to connecting. 

If you are visiting UM

  • If you do not have a U-M or Michigan Medicine account, log in to the MGuest-UMHS network. Or, if your home institution is a part of eduroam, login to the eduroam network using your credentials. 

Troubleshooting Guides

Access help articles on a variety of classroom technology topics. See the list of all AV articles. (link is external)

Report Broken Room Equipment

If you notice broken or faulty equipment in a room or lecture hall within the medical school, please let us by submitting a ticket through the Michigan Medicine Help Center. We’ll work to respond to your request within one business day.

If a room needs cleaning or has a non-technology issue, please report it to Medical School Facilities: (734)-647-2788.

Closed Captioning

Classroom technology support is available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Expect a response within four hours of service request.

Closed captioning for recorded lectures is available through the different medical school programs and departments. For more information email UMMS-ClosedCaptioning@med.umich.edu(link sends e-mail).

Classroom Technology Immediate Assistance

HITS supports 50 medical education classrooms with in-person service to troubleshoot classroom connections, device issues, and audio/visual equipment issues.