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Need help turning complex, disparate data into meaningful, high-quality data? The Academic Integrations team specializes in pulling together data from a variety of sources, transforming it according to researcher needs, and delivering it in a secure, recurring, and accessible manner.

How we can help:

  • Automating data pulls
  • Creating custom ETL pipelines
  • Creating clinical research registries
  • Conducting network-based research using Common Data Models
  • Pulling custom data and creating baseline visualizations from supported databases

Work Smarter

Get customized data integration and automation solutions to save time and improve workflows.

  • Data Automation: Stop doing manual pulls and receive refreshed data delivered automatically. Customize your data set according to input sources, output format, delivery method, data protection, run frequency, and more. This is a great option if you need automation of a Custom Data Request from the Data Office for Clinical & Translational Research.
  • Registry creation: Develop a custom registry to enable research on a clinical population of interest, with data that automatically refreshes. 
  • Network-based research: Enable multi-site, highly scalable research across national networks such as PCORnet and ACT Network.

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We are proud to work with clinical and basic sciences researchers and educators, and there is no charge for our services. Get started today by requesting a consult or data service.