Scientific Programming Consult

Get scientific programming support to streamline your research.

Engage us to improve your project

We can support you with:

  • Data analysis
  • Experimental control
  • Instrument automation
  • Parallel programming
  • Workflow optimization on compute resources (workstations, servers, clusters, cloud)

Better tools, improved workflow

Save time and effort. Our team can help you automate manual or repetitive tasks, such as moving data from an instrument to a computer, bringing existing tools together, or automating data manipulation within Excel or other programs. We’ll recommend platforms and software and create a proof-of-concept code, based on the requirements of your project.

Reduce knowledge loss and downtime. Work with us to preserve the ‘institutional knowledge’ of your project throughout the span of your research, even as your team changes. Our team utilizes best practices around programming and documentation in case future updates are needed. We can also provide references to training or resources to help you bring new researchers up to speed. 

Our programming team supports all Michigan Medicine principle investigators. Request a consult today to discuss how our services can support your current project or be written into a future grant.