HITS Pulse Survey

Take the HITS Pulse Survey

The HITS Pulse is an anonymous survey to help Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) gain a better understanding of your experience working with us. What you share will help direct HITS improvement efforts, and this survey will be reissued periodically to help track the effectiveness of those efforts over time.

Only the first two questions are required and take just a few seconds to complete. Any additional questions you see are optional and should take less than 3 minutes if you choose to tackle them.

About the Survey

HITS Pulse is our permanent listening post where HITS customers and staff regularly provide feedback. Customers are invited to participate every quarter.

Why do we conduct this survey?

To keep our finger on the pulse of those who work with us and for us. We’ll use the data we collect to celebrate successes, address shortcomings, and demonstrate the impact of our improvement efforts over time. The data will also provide the basis for new organizational key performance indicators, helping us quantify the effect of IT unification and the success of HITS overall.

What does the survey measure?

  • Loyalty: indicates not only whether you are satisfied, but if you want to continue working with us or for us.
  • Engagement: helps us understand the nuances of loyalty through your levels of happiness and motivation.

What happens to the results?

The Service Analysis and Improvement team reviews the results monthly, looking for four things:

  1. Are there any significant increases or decreases in the metrics? If so, why?
  2. Are there any successes to celebrate in the free text feedback?
  3. Are there any shortcomings to address in the free text feedback?
  4. Are there any reasons to change the survey format or questions?

We then report findings to HITS leadership and staff and initiate a process to evaluate, prioritize, and act on feedback.

If you have any questions about the survey, please contact hits-sai-questions-requests@umich.edu.