Working with Us

Working with HITS can take a variety of forms - from sharing your ideas, collaborating on projects, or supporting the network of distributed Michigan Medicine IT Service Providers.

How does HITS handle project delivery? (It seems complicated.)

HITS how we work infographic

Supporting products and services within a world-class academic medical center introduces a complex set of requirements. HITS follows processes to help navigate this complexity and ensure we deliver healthy, secure products prepared to run without disruption. (Download our project process infographic.)

  • You have an idea: Submit it here or talk to your HITS point of contact to describe the problem you want to solve. Help us understand the background and context of the situation. 

  • Partner to build a business case: We’ll partner with you to identify potential solutions. This is a great time to begin sharing the idea and presenting at various committees to build consensus and awareness.

  • What will it take? Once we identify a solution, HITS will take a deeper dive into effort estimates. We’ll document the technical and security requirements, estimate costs and labor efforts, and validate the work internally.

  • Can we move forward? Together, we’ll ensure funding is secured, resources are committed, and all appropriate endorsements are complete before starting the work.

  • Let’s do this! Once we begin the project, you can expect a detailed project charter and regular status updates from us. If issues arise, we’ll work with you to resolve them.

  • All systems go: After we build the technical solution, we do a check-in with both internal and external constituents to ensure everyone is prepared and ready to support the launch.

  • Can we sign off?  Before closing the project, we do a final check-in across HITS to ensure all internal expectations are met and there are no unresolved issues. Please contact the HITS Project Management Office for a consult or more information.

Is HITS the only way to manage IT?

Michigan Medicine delivers IT solutions through a broad, collaborative community of IT professionals. HITS plays a key role in enabling distributed IT and federated decision making by ensuring our peers are educated and aware of the many regulations and policies that apply to their roles. We share tools, processes, and expertise across the Trusted IT Service Provider Community, and delegate decision making to ensure community collaboration.

I am an IT Service Provider. How do I become ‘Trusted’?

If you would like to be authorized to develop or manage applications, manage IT vendors, or anything related to IT delivery at Michigan Medicine, we’re here to help. Please follow these steps: 

  1. Review the expectations of a Trusted IT Service Provider

  2. Submit a request to Become a Trusted IT Service Provider. This will connect you with the chairs of the Trusted IT Service Provider community meetings.

  3. We will reach out to welcome you to the community, verify your responsibilities with your management, conduct onboarding, and formally recognize you as a Trusted IT Service Provider.