Action required for Identity Access Management Oracle database (IDTP) migration from Gold to Platinum Infrastructure by December 10


This message is intended for HITS staff whose applications/processes that use Identity Management Oracle database (IDTP). 

On Saturday, December 10, 7 a.m., Identity Management Oracle Database (IDTP) will be migrated from Gold to Platinum Infrastructure to comply with Michigan Medicine service standards.  Currently IDTP resides on Gold infrastructure, but it supports or is part of Platinum infrastructure, applications, or processes.   

Impacted Applications/Processes: 

  • Account Support Tool, Cactus, MedHub, MiChart, UHS 
  • A full list of known applications/processes (as of Nov 22) that use IDTP is available here

About the December 10 deadline:  

There are different courses of action and timeframes for application/process owners, depending on the three ways by which an application/process can connect to IDTP.  The three use cases are identified below; please refer to the How to connect to Identity Management Oracle Database (IDTP) article for the specific actions and timeframes (requires login to view content). 

  • Use Case 1: Using the central TNSNAME file.   
  • Use Case 2: Usinga local TNSNAME file.   
  • Use Case 3: Usinga JDBC connection stringin applications and/or drivers to connect to IDTP.WORLD.   

For more information, please see CHG0145570 Identity Management Oracle Database (IDTP) migration from Gold to Platinum Infrastructure  


Please contact: Venance Mwangonda