CoreMac v2 users: Do not upgrade to macOS Big Sur


Last week, Apple announced the release of a new operating system, macOS Big Sur (version 11.0), at a press event. Please do not install macOS Big Sur on your Michigan Medicine CoreMac v2 at this time. A known incompatibility may render your Mac unusable if you upgrade.

With each new macOS version, HITS and ITS conduct thorough testing after it is released to ensure compatibility with U-M research, administrative, teaching and learning applications, and the more than 550 software titles on Michigan Medicine as well as MiWorkspace computers.

Newer macOS versions like Catalina and Big Sur no longer run 32-bit applications. Updating to macOS Big Sur (version 11.0) could impact 32-bit applications critical to your work. 

Please use this centralized and consolidated list of incompatible applications for a current reference to application limitations in the environment.


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