Follow the maize (and blue) brick roads: Only use approved Michigan Medicine technologies


In today’s environment, security of our IT systems and data — often containing PHI or other sensitive data — is paramount! 


While there are myriad IT tools and systems utilized at Michigan Medicine, some are considered “approved” and safe solutions. This means those tools/systems are managed by the IT service providers, meet appropriate technical safeguards, and align to all U-M policies and regulations. 

It is the responsibility of U-M faculty, staff and learners to understand what type of data they are working with — and ensure it is on the appropriate, approved IT tool/system.

One common scenario involves accessing and handling Protecting Health Information (PHI):

PHI-Approved Tools ( 

Non-PHI Tools/Systems (

For information on a specific IT Service or Data Type — or for more general information on the topic, visit the Sensitive Data Guide on Safe Computing.