GREAT NEWS: Changes coming in 2021 to Zoom for Health


U-M Zoom has been approved for PHI (HIPAA data). As a result, Zoom for Health at U-M will be consolidated into regular U-M Zoom on January 2 and 3, 2021.

New Features

Thanks to collaborative efforts of U-M and Zoom, you now will be able to use expanded features, such as:

  • Cloud recording
  • Live transcription
  • Viewing identifying information in reports
  • Ability to assign scheduling privileges and alternative host privileges to anyone at U-M
  • One Zoom integration in Canvas

Temporarily Offline: Jan 2 at 11pm thru Jan 3 at 6am

Zoom for Health users’ accounts will be migrated into regular U-M Zoom beginning January 2 at 11pm and continuing until January 3 at 6am. Your Zoom account will not be available during this time. 

After the migration is completed, Zoom for Health will no longer exist and all U-M Zoom users will be in the same account.

Upcoming and Previous Meetings / Webinars

  • Your upcoming and previous meetings and webinars and your personal meeting ID and link will not be impacted. They will migrate with your account.
  • People (including alternative hosts) will still be able to join future-scheduled meetings using the URL you have already provided--no need to resend.

Zoom for Epic

This change does not apply to using Zoom through MiChart (Zoom for Epic). Nothing will change with how you use Zoom through MiChart.

More Details and FAQ

For more details on the upcoming Zoom changes starting January 3rd, 2021 please read the New Zoom Features & Announcements page which features a full Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. 

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