January IT Updates: Windows 11 upgrade, event support expansion, MiShare and MedInfo changes

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Your monthly digest of upcoming changes and enhancements to IT hardware, software, and services.

New Year’s greetings from HITS! This year we’re working to share information on IT changes and enhancements more broadly across the medical school.

Look for our monthly article for info on upcoming changes to IT hardware, software, services, or processes, with links to more information and support.

Windows 11 OS upgrade coming in February

All Michigan Medicine CoreImage devices will upgrade to the Windows 11 operating system (Windows 11 OS) beginning in February. Look for the familiar ‘Own your Upgrade’ process, running from February-June 2024.  

If custom software or instrumentation (i.e., non MM-packaged software) is used with your CoreImage device, start outreach to your vendors now to confirm Windows 11 compatibilityMicrosoft support for the current CoreImage Windows 10 Enterprise version (10-21H2) ends in June 2024. ​

Learn more about Windows 11 in the Help Center or contact HITS Academic IT for support.

MiShare tooling changes

MiShare, one of Michigan Medicine’s secure file transfer tools, will be replaced this year. Ad-hoc file sharing is no longer permitted in MiShare, while automated processes will continue uninterrupted. For ad-hoc sharing, please use either Microsoft 365 tools or Dropbox. (Reminder: please avoid sharing documents as email attachments for large or sensitive data).

Find the latest updates on the MiShare replacement on the MiShare project page.

Audio/visual technology event support expands with preferred partner

HITS has partnered with City Events Group to expand technology support in popular Michigan Medicine event and conference spaces for daytime, evening, and weekend events. City Events Group offers standard rates for all Michigan Medicine events.

Request event support for all events through the Michigan Medicine Help Center now. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible! 

MedInfo retirement

MedInfo, a legacy hosting service for website content on the med.umich.edu domain, will be retired in January 2025. All content hosted on this server must be migrated to another option or a redirect put in place this year. ​Impacted sites have a URL of https://www.med.umich.edu/xxxx. 

HITS has been working with the impacted web editors on this transition since July 2023. As of this month, all content in the non-production instance has been archived. In July 2024, content in the production instance will be made read-only with all information slated to be offline by January 2025. 

See the MedInfo Retirement Project Page for the full timeline and more information.

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