Keep an eye on your laptop for swelling batteries


We are working with the Michigan Medicine vendor to identify any issues of swollen or disfigured laptop batteries. In some cases, battery swelling is significant enough to impact the touchpad, keyboard, or outer shell.

laptops experiencing battery swelling
Examples of laptops experiencing battery swelling that can cause the touchpad to rise (left) or the case to separate (right).

If you experience this issue, please report it through the Michigan Medicine Help Center so we can replace the battery as soon as possible. Never attempt to remove or replace a battery on your own. 

While the risk of battery swelling is low, it is inherent with the Lithium-ion Polymer cell technology and can be caused by several environmental conditions. We encourage you to follow these best practices to limit any likelihood: 

  1. Battery Charge/Discharge – Allow your laptop battery to discharge at least once every 30 days by removing it from its docking station or unplugging your wall adapter.  

  1. Avoid High Temperatures – Do not leave laptops exposed to elevated temperatures. Always store laptops between 68-77° F, ideally with an 80-90 percent charge. 

  1. Monitor Battery Level – By clicking the battery icon in the Windows System Tray located at the lower right side of your screen.  

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