Level-2 access paused for employees on unpaid leave; enhancing systems security


Beginning August 10, 2021, a new security measure will automatically pause access to Michigan Medicine (level-2) systems while an employee is on unpaid leave.

This means Michigan Medicine employees on unpaid leave will be unable to access Michigan Medicine resources, including Outlook email, MiChart, and shared drives during their leave. This automated process is activated on the date that the employee’s leave begins, with access reinstated when the employee returns to work. It is designed to limit access to Michigan Medicine systems only to users who need them for business purposes. Accounts, data, and permissions will not be deleted or changed while the employee is away.

  • Examples of leave impacted by this new process include personal medical leave, teaching or research leave, Reduction in Force, long term disability, or medical education leave

  • Other types of leave including sabbatical, scholarly leave and extended sick leave will not be impacted, as they may potentially still include an active working relationship with Michigan Medicine.

This new process has been instituted to align with security best practices to protect our institutional and patient data and complies with SPG 601.27 DS-22. Access restrictions will be activated automatically after a manager submits an employee leave request to Human Resources.

Before an employee goes on unpaid leave from Michigan Medicine, they should work with their manager to ensure they can be contacted through an alternate means beyond their @med.umich.edu email, whether that’s a personal email address, mobile phone number, or by activating their Google at U-M (@umich.edu) email account.

For more information, see the FAQ on the Michigan Medicine Help Center


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