Level up with Microsoft 365 training


Microsoft 365 allows you to collaborate with anyone in Michigan Medicine, from any location, on any device. Learn what’s possible (and save time!) using Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Planner, and To Do.

Combining the best of desktop, web, and mobile applications, Microsoft 365 enables the Michigan Medicine community to collaborate in real-time from nearly anywhere, on virtually any device. Take advantage of the learning opportunities below to save time, communicate efficiently with teammates, and improve your personal productivity.   

Getting Started: Task Management with Microsoft Planner and To Do

Do you track tasks in a notebook, but seek a more dynamic way to manage them? Are you currently using tools such as Trello or Asana? Learn how Planner and To Do can optimize your task management as well as integrate your tasks and those of your team into the M365 ecosystem.  

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Getting Started: Microsoft Teams at Michigan Medicine

Enhance your work-life communication and collaboration using teams, channels, chat, meetings, and more. Learn how to easily communicate with your co-workers, save time while working and collaborating, and see how teamwork and projects can be managed using the Microsoft Teams platform. 

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Level Up: Save Time and Enhance Your Productivity Using Microsoft Outlook

You use Microsoft Outlook every day. But are you really using it to its full potential? Learn about tools and features in Outlook that will take your skills to the next level, saving you time and enhancing your productivity. 

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M365 Community of Practice

Join the Microsoft 365 Community of Practice (M365 CoP) to engage in conversation and share best practices to use M365 and its many features. The community is open to all Michigan Medicine!

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