New! Find IT and data info on the Research Project Process Map


The ‘IT and Data’ brown line guides researchers through IT security processes via the Research Project Route Map. 

Instructional Video for IT Security requirements
WATCH: 30-second overview of the IT & Data brown line on the Research Route map

Need to learn about data security for your research project? Have questions about bringing devices or software on the Michigan Medicine network? HITS partnered with the Medical School Office of Research to create the new IT & Data ‘brown line’, on the Research Route Map, to help you answer these questions and more. 

“A researcher's duty of care continues to evolve as cybersecurity threats impact healthcare organizations every day," said Erin Dietrich, HITS Deputy CIO for the U-M Medical School. “Our Information Assurance group maintains a robust approach to protectMichigan Medicine from these threats. HITS partners closely with them so our research community has the information they need to confidently interact with the Michigan Medicine network for their groundbreaking work.” 

Research security requirements can be found in the “IT and Data” portion of the Route Map, and link to knowledge articles in the Michigan Medicine Help Center. View the short video below to preview the navigation process.  

Connecting OoR and HITS resources

Security Requirements snapshots represented in Research Project Route Map include: 

“While we’re happy to make this information more readily available, it is best to reach out to HITS early in your project for assistance in assuring your investment”, John Brussolo, manager of HITS Academic IT Engagement, reminded us. “Don’t hesitate to schedule a consult through the Help Center anywhere along your research project journey if you have questions about your research security or IT needs.” 

To find out more about available Academic IT Services, see our IT Resource Guide available in the Research & Education section of the HITS website.

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