New MiChart Video Visit Transition Rescheduled for August 20


Effective Thursday, August 20, all MiChart Video Visits will transition to the new Zoom platform. Most of the video visit connection workflow will remain the same: the patient and provider will still connect via the patient portal or MiChart, but when the visit is launched the Zoom app will open in the background to enable to the visit.

Reminder: Zoom App is Required for all Provider and Patient devices

  • All devices (personal or clinic owned) should have the Zoom app downloaded. Please confirm that all devices are ready to go before August 20th.
    • Zoom tech checks are highly recommended and can be found here. If you do not get the pop-ups to check audio/video, check that your pop-up blockers are turned off.
  • If your clinic calls patients before scheduled video visits, please remind patients to download the Zoom app in advance of the visit.  Patient instructions have been updated to point patients to download instructions (see patient-facing website here for instructions).

Tips for Potential Issues

  • Provider is prompted to wait for host: This is the technical issue recently addressed that should no longer occur but if you do encounter this issue, please submit a ticket to HITS.
  • Slight patient delay with connecting to visit (akin to rooming): The green camera icon will turn green when patient begins visit; however there may be a connection delay up to 3-4 minutes before the patient is fully connected. We recommend giving the patient a few minutes and if they are still are not connected call the patient to see if they need assistance.
  • Pop-Up Blockers: Pop-up blockers can negatively affect both patient and provider connection workflow. On an iPhone or iPad it may not be clear that a pop-up blocker is hiding your launch button for Zoom. If the patient/provider have trouble connecting to the visit via an iOS device and have the Zoom app downloaded, confirm that the pop-up blockers are off (support for this is available via our Video Visit Basics or Trouble Shooting Video Visit Problems for Patients Tip Sheets).
  • Patients not downloading the Zoom app or not accessing the visit through the patient portal: The patient not having the app downloaded or trying to access the visit directly through the Zoom app could present as the patient being prompted to enter a password or meeting code.
  • Patients struggling with connecting audio/video during the visit: As the provider it is possible to send a link to some basic troubleshooting resources for both audio and video directly in the video visit via the chat feature. Please review the recommendations here: Trouble Shooting Video Visit Problems for Patients

Issues/Troubleshooting Support

    • For provider technical issues, please submit a ticket to HITS. Please note that you can submit a ticket directly from the encounter using MiChart Request.
  • Patient Trouble Shooting Resources available to clinics/providers: Trouble Shooting Video Visit Problems for Patients
  • If patients cannot connect to Zoom at the time of the visit, you could either convert to a phone call or invite the patient to the visit via email invite directly from the meeting. Note that if the patient does not complete eCheck-In that will need to be addressed during the visit.
  • General operational questions can be directed to
  • If patients continue to have trouble and are unable to connect, please point them to the Patient Portal Helpdesk  (734) 615-0872.

Training for the new platform is ongoing. If anyone would like to test new devices or walk through some of the new features available, sign-up for training via our Virtual Care website.

The Virtual Care Team will also be available for feedback/questions about the MiChart Video Visits on our Friday, August 21 Noon Q&A session. We welcome anyone interested to attend.