New Microsoft 365 features enabled


Teams tags and FindTime are now available to support collaboration, communication, and productivity across Michigan Medicine.

You requested them, and now they are here!

New features were recently enabled in Microsoft Teams and Outlook as requested by the Michigan Medicine community via the HITS Ideas portal, an online forum where you can submit ideas to HITS and upvote the ideas of others. When an idea reaches a 100-vote threshold, it goes under business and technical review to assess the implementation of the idea.

Tags in Microsoft Teams

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Create custom Tags to designate a group of people by any attribute, including role, project, team, shift, or location. Once your tag is created, you can @mention it in a channel so everyone assigned that Tag receives a notification. For example, a ’Nurse’ or ’Manager’ or ’Designer’ tag will enable you to reach a group of people without typing everyone's individual name. 

FindTime in Microsoft Outlook

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This add-in helps groups quickly and efficiently come to a consensus on a meeting time. FindTime is available in both desktop and web access versions of Outlook. Itworks by: 

  • Showing the dates and times that align with all attendees’ availability 

  • Allowing attendees to vote on the best meeting time 

  • Automatically sending meeting invitations once consensus for meeting time is reached 

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