Paging website upgrade


As of December 7, the internal paging website was upgraded to offer improved access and usability.


For complete information, see the Paging Website upgrade article (Requires login to view content


  • New paging website 
    • In the event you receive a validation or 365 error upon access, close out and restart your browser. 
  • Users will now be required to authenticate using their level 2 credentials.

Key updates: 

  • New web-based authentication to decrease spam
  • Better user experience on mobile devices 
  • Newly modernized architecture
  • Ability to update your pager status and coverage
  • Ability to create personal paging groups
    • Previous SmartWeb users would need to recreate personal groups
  • Updated communication priorities to align with future Secure Chat priorities: 
    • The priority of “Important” will be added 
    • The priority of “Routine/Normal/FYI” will be updated
  • Personal Paging Groups verse Programmed Paging Groups: 
    • Personal paging groups are not hard coded onto a pager (like programmed groups).
    • Personal paging groups will need to be recreated on the new website

What to know about Authentication: 

  • How it works  
    • Login utilizing level 2 credentials  
  • Why is it required?  
    • Current lack of authentication results in SPAM pages and other inappropriate pages to providers  
    • Allows for more accurate auditing and logging  
    • Compliance and Information Assurance push to end unauthenticated paging  
  • Core Image  
    • Standard Mode core image workstations will automatically authenticate a user on the paging website  
    • Users on core image and connected through VPN will pass through authentication  
    • Access from off network and without VPN will require Two-Factor Authentication  
  • Kiosk  
    • Kiosk users will always be required to authenticate directly at the website, but those users can still utilize direct paging abilities from within MiChart, i.e., treatment team print group  
  • MiChart  
    • Direct paging from MiChart, i.e., treatment team, will not require authentication 
    • Personalized dashboard links may require updating with the new URL 

For full details on Core Image, Kiosks and MiChart, see the Paging Website upgrade article.

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