Ready for fewer Duo prompts? ‘Remember Me’ now available for Michigan Medicine


Duo Remember Me for seven days is now available across applications where you sign in with your Michigan Medicine (Level-2) credentials.

You may have noticed a small check box on your Duo prompt. This feature reduces the number of Duo prompts you receive on a trusted device and browser when using Michigan Medicine applications. Like on other U-M applications, once Duo Remember Me is selected you will not receive a 2FA prompt at Michigan Medicine Weblogin over the next seven days, when using the same computer and web browser.

Using Duo Remember Me

Screenshot of a Duo Prompt, with the cancel button circled.
  1. When your Duo window appears, cancel your current Duo authentication if you receive them automatically.
Screenshot of the Duo prompt window, with the Remember me for seven days checkbox circled.

2. Check the Remember me for 7 days box.

Screenshot of the Duo prompt window with the green authentication options circled

3. Select another authentication method using the green buttons above the check box, and approve the Duo prompt on your mobile (or other secondary) device.

If you run into issues: 

  • Duo Remember me relies on browser cookies to work. If your browser settings block third-party cookies, you need to add an exception in the browser’s security settings for third-party cookies coming from Duo Security. See the detailed help on this topic from Duo for more information. 
  • If you want to reset the Remember me setting before the seven days is up so that you will be prompted for a two-factor authentication method the next time you log in, clear your browser’s cookies.

Fewer logins, fewer passwords

As HITS works to introduce the UMICH common password, which eliminates separate UMICH Level-1 and Michigan Medicine Level-2 passwords, we are moving ahead with the release of measures that can reduce the number of logins required.  

“While the common UMICH password will reduce the number of passwords required for daily Michigan Medicine work, features like Duo Remember Me and the Microsoft Authenticator app for mobile devices reduces the number of prompts to sign-in or verify your identity on trusted devices”, said Emily Fuentes, Director of HITS Customer Success. “The combination of fewer passwords and fewer prompts is a strong start to addressing login fatigue and time lost to forgotten passwords or resets. We continue work to release these features and build on what we have learned from Michigan Medicine throughout this project – that a more seamless system makes a difference for our employees to get work done.”