Working offsite? Connect your CoreImage device to VPN by May 15 to maintain network access.


Flexible work is a great Michigan Medicine perk. But if you're not coming onsite regularly, you may not be getting all of the software and security updates your CoreImage PC needs.

Consider this your reminder to regularly connect your CoreImage PC to Cisco Anyconnect VPN and keep your computer healthy. 

If you're the type that needs a deadline to make it happen, HITS has one of those, too: Connect to the VPN for at least 20 minutes by May 15. All devices must have the latest software updates by May 15 to prepare us for migration to a new database system. If your CoreImage device is not updated by May 15, it will affect your ability to connect to Michigan Medicine resources for your daily work.

More on VPN

A VPN client provides a secure computing experience from a remote location and is required to access some Michigan Medicine resources. Access to the VPN is provided by the Cisco Secure Client, installed by default on all CoreImage Windows systems and CoreMac systems. Connecting your off-site device to VPN on a regular basis allows it to receive important security updates from HITS. 

Click here for more information, including answers to frequently asked questions, about the VPN. 

Unused Devices

Got a device sitting in a drawer? We encourage all departments and managers to return unused or underutilized devices, including laptops, so they can be redeployedto other areas. 

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