CoreImage Modernization

HITS is streamlining your CoreImage experience!

The CoreImage Modernization project is changing your managed Windows device experience to give you more control over your device and flexibility in how you use it. These improvements are designed to allow you to do common tasks such as installing common applications without needing to contact the HITS Service Desk. Other improvements will stop your device from interrupting your work by giving you more flexibility to schedule device updates or restarts and eliminating the need for you to run Maintenance on your machine. 


  • The initial setup of the device can now be done outside of Michigan Medicine networks, allowing users to set up their device for the first time at a location and time of their convenience. 

  • Company Portal 

    • Company Portal allows users to install approved, non-licensed applications on their device without needing to request administrative permissions. 
  • End users no longer need to run Maintenance on their devices. The Intune-managed CoreImage offers more flexibility when scheduling restarts for device updates. 

  • Several smaller improvements to the experience such as laptop users no longer needing to click the “Blue-N” when connecting to shared drives and a variety of relaxed restrictions to Windows features. 

What is not changing?

  • Your overall Windows experience is the same. 

  • How you request support, and the way HITS supports your device will not change. 


  • Some of those receiving a new personally assigned Windows device from HITS will be given an Intune-managed CoreImage starting in September.

Please stay tuned to this page for further updates.

For HITS Support Staff

Training for Intune devices has started for HITS Support Staff.

If you want to review recordings of training sessions, click here.