MiCME Upgrade

The Office of CME and Lifelong Learning and HITS are delighted to announce an exciting upgrade that is coming to your continuing education experience: the new MiCME powered by CloudCME, arriving Tuesday, July 16!

This innovative platform is designed to empower your learning journey by providing: 

  • Refined Activity Search: Quickly find the right CME opportunities with our intuitive search tool. 
  • Versatile Credit Claiming Options: Claim CME credits with ease using a variety of methods, including text message, QR code, or through our website. 
  • Licensure Compliance Tools: Hassle-free tracking to ensure you meet the state licensure requirements. 
  • Annual Disclosure Simplification: Enjoy the ease of a once-a-year disclosure process, saving presenters and planners time. 

To stay updated on the transition please follow this project page, submit a question, and review the FAQ document which will be updated regularly. 

Please be on the lookout for additional communications about go-live dates, recommended preparations, and training materials. 

Transition Timeline

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Attention: The window to claim your CME credits is currently closed. You will be able to claim credit when the new MiCME system arrives on Tuesday, July 16.

Project Overview

Phase 1, September 2022 - April 2023: Evaluation of alternative solutions - Completed

  • Platform selected: CloudCME

Phase 2, May 2023 - October 2023: Contracting - Completed

Phase 3, October 2023 - Summer 2024: Implementation, training, and rollout – In progress

  • October 2023 – May 2024: System configuration and data migration planning - Complete
  • May - June 2024: Testing, fine-tuning-Complete
  • June – July 2024: End-user training - Complete
  • July 16, 2024: Transition to new MiCME - In progress

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is OCME-LL replacing the current application? What will be the benefits of the new platform, CloudCME?

The CME software platform needs more advanced functionality, cost-effectiveness, improved user experience and compliance with new standards than provided by the current application. The benefits of the new platform include an intuitive user interface, automated credit tracking, mobile access, and enhanced search capabilities.

Who can I contact if I have questions about the transition?

Before contacting us, please review this FAQ document. if you would like a direct response, please provide your contact information here.

As a participant, will I still have access to my previously claimed CME after a system change?

All University of Michigan activity credits claimed before July 8th will migrate into the new system and be available in a transcript generated in the new system. For all externally claimed CME certificates currently housed in the MiCME system, please download the certificates before July 8th. We will provide additional information later regarding the process for uploading this information in the new system.

As an educational planner/activity coordinator, what do I need to know?

If you are an Educational Planner or Activity Coordinator and you’re wondering what you should expect, how to prepare, and how to engage with the new CME platform effectively, please review this FAQ document.