Medical Education Resources

Review and access common medical education sites and applications used at UMMS.

Frequent Resources

Medical Student GatewayA website with information and resources just for medical students. 

Michigan Medicine Computing EssentialsGet started with technology resources, including Duo, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Zoom, and more.

Michigan Medicine Help CenterFind answers to common technology questions, access self-service tools, get help from our chat agents, or request products and services.

Course Resources

Aquifer: Formerly known as MedU, utilized by some Medical School clerkships for case-based learning scenarios.

DropBox A cloud file storage option that provides automatic backup and is readily accessible from any device. It is tightly connected with Canvas.

Canvas: The university's learning management system. See your class schedule/calendar, resources for class, and announcements.

iClicker: An audience response app on your phone to participate in lectures.  

iSEEK: A curriculum search tool that collates course resources for medical student education. It can combine searches for lecture recordings and lecture course files. 

MiVideo: The media platform to review medical school course lectures and other recordings.

SimIQ: Software to review recordings of medical student’s standardized patient videos in the Doctoring course.

Camtasia: Software to create engaging lecture recordings.

Exams and Quizzes

Canvas: Used by some courses for quizzes.

ExamSoft: Used for biweekly quizzes/exams for medical students.

National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME): Some medical students examinations use the NBME Secure Browser instead of ExamSoft. This will be communicated to users by the Office of Evaluation and Assessment as needed.

Grades and Student Records

ARB Suite: Houses a variety of records, including grades, schedule, and assessments outcomes for medical students. Also, functionality relating to completing assessments and individual development plans.

  • Assessments: Request assessments for certain courses/clerkships and track completion
  • Individualized Development Plan: Track goals for review with a coach, branch advisor and folks in similar roles, and keep meeting notes/agendas for meetings with them
  • Learning Outcomes: View competency assessments, feedback and grades, as well as views of cumulative competency tracking
  • SP Encounters: Complete assignments related to the Standardized Patient exercises, part of the Doctoring and CCA courses
  • Student Records: View schedules, small group assignments and more

Course and Faculty Evaluations

Explorance Blue: Used for you to evaluate your courses and faculty.


Branches website: Collates all information around the medical school's Branches curriculum. 

Oasis: Used by medical students to create your schedule for your core clerkships and Branches experiences. 

Schedulon: Used to reserve study rooms in the medical school. If you don't already have access, you can request it by clicking the Account Request/Update Link on the left hand side.

SurveyMonkey Apply: A tool used to complete applications, like financial aid or your eventual Capstone for Impact project. Forms will be shared as they are needed.

Clinical Applications

See Michigan Medicine Computing Essentials for information on connecting to MiChart, Haiku/Canto, and the clinical reference apps.