Zoom Webinar

A webinar platform for large events and virtual meetings for more than 300 people. To host an event, request a webinar license


  • Zoom Webinar HIPAA-aligned: If you have a Zoom at U-M account, your Zoom Webinar will be HIPAA-aligned.Take proper precautions anytime you share PHI in a meeting or webinar by securing your meeting and following the safe computing guidelines
  • Zoom Meetings vs. Webinars: Compare meetings and webinars at a glance.  
  • Allows 10,000 participants: Zoom at U-M accommodates 300 participants; Zoom Webinar can include 10,000 participants. You can request a Zoom Webinar license here
  • Training resources available: Zoom Webinar has many of the same features as Zoom at U-M. Some differences include designating panelists, a Q&A feature, and greater controls over audience participation. Visit  ‘30 minutes to Becoming a Zoom Webinar SME’ to learn how to schedule, prepare for and manage a webinar.