Michigan Medicine uses Microsoft Outlook for email, calendar, contact lists, and task management. HITS-managed devices such as CoreImage Windows devices come with Outlook already installed.

Accessing your Email

  • Use your uniqname and UMICH password to log into Outlook. You will receive your @med.umich.edu email account and uniqname at orientation.
  • In addition to using your standard desktop/laptop applications on Core (managed) devices, you can visit outlook.office.com (using any browser, on any device), or use Windows Virtual Desktop to access Outlook.
  • Mobile Device Management is required to access Outlook on personal mobile devices (phones and tablets).
  • If you take an unpaid leave of absence from Michigan Medicine, your access to Michigan Medicine resources, including Outlook, will be paused. Read more in the FAQ

Email Encryption

Michigan Medicine has enabled outbound email encryption for messages with sensitive data or potentially identifiable patient data going out to external email addresses. Encryption is a way of encoding data so that it can be understood and used only by authorized individuals (the sender and intended recipient).