Introducing Dropbox at U-M


A new, cloud-based storage option is available to Michigan Medicine: Dropbox at U-M.


You may already be familiar with Dropbox — a cloud file storage service that provides automatic back-up and is readily accessible from any device. Dropbox at U-M offers the core storage features you expect and advanced security and collaboration tools. 

It is also HIPAA-aligned to maintain Protected Health Information (PHI)in accordance with HIPAA’s shared responsibility guidelines and the Sensitive Data Guide. Visit the guide to understand what data types you can use with Dropbox at U-M. 

Dropbox at U-M is rolling out in phases, initially offering individual accounts with a 5-terabyte limit. Additional capabilities will be available in the coming weeks, including Dropbox Team accounts (unlimited storage), enhanced documentation, training, and more.

Dropbox and Box

Dropbox at U-M will eventually replace Box as U-M’s primary storage service, but Box users need not take any action at this time. 

“We anticipate at least a year until we make this change, and we are working with all appropriate stakeholders to provide plenty of time and support for the migration of data,” said Ravi Pendse, vice president for information technology and chief information officer.

Start Using Dropbox

The Michigan Medicine community can use Dropbox at U-M immediately. Create an account or log in by visiting and signing in with your UMICH (level-1) credentials. HITS will offer a Dropbox desktop application for Core Image workstations in July. Core Mac and personal computers should download the desktop application directly from

U-M faculty, staff, and students who created a personal Dropbox account with their email address can convert their account to the U-M instance of Dropbox and receive refunds for paid accounts. However, personal accounts created with a email address cannot be automatically converted or refunded. You can easily connect your personal and U-M accounts and move files (except PHI) between the two accounts. 

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