New HITS pilot service for Classroom Technology support


HITS has launched a new pilot service to help the Michigan Medicine community get expert, effective, time-sensitive support with classroom technology.

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In Fall 2020, in collaboration with UMMS Leadership, HITS conducted a project to evaluate Classroom Support 

Lack of in-person classroom technology support was one of the highest priority issues identified. 

The goal of this new pilot service is to provide time-sensitive, in-person classroom assistance on demand. This is currently offered Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm across 50 rooms in four buildings (THSL, BSRB, MedSci1 and MedSci2), with plans to expand to more classrooms in the future. All pilot rooms are clearly marked with signage at the podium and on the wall near the door with two options for contacting support. 

  • By submitting a short survey via QR Code or with a phone call, users of the pilot rooms can request immediate assistance from the newly formed, dedicated Classroom Technology Services and Support team. 

  • Upon receiving the support request, a highly trained support specialist will be dispatched to the room to offer in-person assistance. 

This launch is the result of two years of collaboration with faculty, staff and students to better understand their needs and capture input on how Classroom Technology should evolve. It represents one more step forward in our longer-term effort to improve the classroom technology experience for our instructors and learners. HITS is working to continuously improve our support model over the three-month pilot. In the first month of the pilot, over 35 Immediate Requests were completed. When the pilot program wraps up in June, the project team will work with Medical School leadership to determine continuation and expansion of the program.

For more details and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Classroom Technology Immediate Assistance page. 

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