Request the GraphPad Prism License Code 2020


Learn more about the new process to request the GraphPad Prism license code, and about downloading the application on personal machines. 

There are process changes for requesting the GraphPad Prism license code this year, to allow HITS to better track usage and prepare for potential cost sharing in April 2021. 

To request the license code: 

Please know that this is an automated request process. Once you submit your name, shortcode, and the number of machines you will be using Prism on, you will receive the license code via email shortly after.  

Why this new request process?

Due to contractual shifts with Prism, we are now required to pay on a per machine basis.  Based on increasing application usage, costs are rising significantly. HITS quickly implemented this new process to facilitate usage tracking and enable cost-sharing next year. No one will be charged until April 2021, at which point users should plan for a license cost of $21 per machine, per year. 

 The new tracking process includes asking for a shortcode, even though we will not be charging it at this time, for two reasons:

  1. To help users be more aware of the application cost and plan for a potential charge.

  2. To encourage users to be thoughtful about application downloads (especially on multiple machines). We recognize GraphPad Prism is a valuable tool but want to ensure all downloads are necessary. 

HITS will not use anyone’s shortcode without communicating in advance when and how much the charges will be.

Using GraphPad Prism on personal machines during COVID-19

There are two options to use GraphPad Prism on your personal machine:  

  1. Prism is providing a temporary COVID-19 license, valid through 6/30/2020. To receive the code, please email 

  2. Alternatively, there is no limitation on the type of device the application can be installed on. To keep costs down, we advise limiting usage to university-owned computers. If you must use it on a personal machine due to these unusual circumstances, please be aware the license will still be subject to cost-sharing beginning in 2021.  

Thank you for your understanding and assistance as we work through this new process. We understand the tight timing combined with the pandemic make changes like this especially stressful. Stay well.