Flex PC for Research

Request a Windows PC computer configured specifically for researchers.

Flex is a HITS Windows PC configured specifically for researchers, providing essential software, security, support, and interoperability across U-M networks. Like other HITS devices, Flex PCs have ready access to Michigan Medicine’s extensive software applications and data storage options, available on request.

Flex is different from CoreImage PCs

  • Flex devices enable user control over when to deploy software and security updates, and system restarts
  • Flex does not use Green IT settings to maximize hardware performance 
  • Allows for fast user switching, to accommodate multiple users on the device

Flex devices are primarily used by researchers or teams running long-term computational tasks, data acquisition, or analysis that cannot be interrupted by an automatic reboot. Flex also accommodates teams requiring multiple users to be logged in simultaneously. (NOTE: At this time, Flex does not support clinically-focused applications or workflows.)

All Flex users must sign the Disclaimer stating they will manage their own maintenance.