Linux for Research

Get a secure, supported Linux environment built for researchers.

Linux for Research is a new HITS option to better meet your research computing needs. It provides essential software on a secure Linux OS to conduct your work, and dedicated HITS technical support to troubleshoot issues, provide support and updates, and safeguard your research activities.

Linux for Research Advantages

Compared to personal Linux devices, HITS' Linux configuration offers: 

  • Quicker onboarding to the high-speed research network 
  • Better integration with U-M data storage systems 
  • Enhanced support for both standard and custom computing applications for your project

HITS Linux OS and support is offered at no cost for Michigan Medicine researchers. At this time, Linux is confined to research users. It is not currently designed for clinical use or to replace a general compute operating system.

Visit the KnowledgeBase for more information on Linux topics like software modules and installation, remote access, and group management. If you know what you need, request software now.