High Performance Computing

Explore high-performance computing options for researchers.

U-M offers state-of-the-art, high performance computing (HPC) services to all Michigan Medicine researchers at a reasonable price. The shared clusters are suitable for computational jobs related to computational chemistry, next-gen sequencing analysis, image analysis, machine learning, statistical analysis of data containing large populations, and more. Get started at no cost with the Research Computing Package.

HPC Options for a range of projects


  • HIPAA-aligned supports PHI
  • Replaces Armis as of December 2019
  • For Armis2 technical information, rates and more, visit ARC-TS Armis2 page

Great Lakes

  • For broad use, does NOT support PHI
  • Replaces Flux as of December 2019
  • For Great Lakes technical information, rates and more, visit ARC-TS Great Lakes page


Newly upgraded. Faster nodes, improved job scheduler, and simpler graphical access.

Support and security. As a shared research resource, the high performance computing and storage environments boast a robust, collaborative support system, including faculty, researchers and staff. ARC-TS performs all system maintenance and upgrades. HITS and ARC-TS can provide further support, answering questions about general cluster usage, structuring and scaling jobs, installing research domain-specific software, and troubleshooting.

Get started at no cost. The Research Computing Package allows your team to get acquainted with Michigan’s high-performance computing and data storage capabilities without tapping into grant funds.