Research Computing Package

Request computing and data storage at no cost to Michigan Medicine faculty.

The Research Computing Package (RCP) 2.0, new for 2020, provides Michigan Medicine research faculty with even more large-scale data storage and high performance computing at no cost. 

RCP issues credits for computing and storage resources at ARC-TS. Researchers can begin work right away, without worrying about the logistics of data security, sourcing equipment, maintenance, and support.

Research Computing Package 2.0

60 months of standard memory computing

  • Compute credits can be used across the ARC-TS Great Lakes and the HIPAA-aligned Armis2 standard memory, larger memory, and GPU resources. A credit split must be designated at the time of RCP renewal.

10 TB of replicated, high performance storage 

  • Up to 10TB ARC-TS Turbo high performance storage, replicated at two University of Michigan data centers 

100 TB of archive storage

  • Replicated, tape-based archive storage in Data Den 

RCP is perfect for researchers starting a new project with high performance computing and data storage needs. It can also be used as a bridge between grant funding, or for small, unfunded projects.

Existing user and need help? Email 

Other benefits

Beat the learning curve. RCP allows your team to become acquainted with U-M’s high performance computing and data storage capabilities without tapping into grant funds. 

Easily purchase more credits as needed. Once RCP credits are depleted, you may seamlessly extend both compute and storage at your project’s expense. 

  • Michigan Medicine will subsidize 44 percent of additional ARC-TS high performance compute purchases (Great Lakes and Armis2).

Get support from research colleagues and HITS. As a shared research resource, the high performance computing and storage environments boast a robust, collaborative support system, including faculty, researchers, and support staff. ARC-TS performs all systems maintenance and upgrades. HITS and ARC-TS can answer questions and provide further support on general cluster usage, structuring and scaling jobs, installing research domain-specific software, troubleshooting, and more. Contact with questions. 

RCP credits are eligible for annual renewal. Please contact us by June 1 of each year to renew your RCP credits.

Any principal investigator running a lab is eligible to receive the package. Lab members are allowed to request on behalf of their PI, with approval.