Research Computing Package

Request computing and data storage at no cost to faculty, staff, and student researchers.

The U-M Research Computing Package (UMRCP) and Michigan Medicine Research Computing Investment (MMRCI) provide researchers with high performance computing and storage on the U-M cluster at no cost. 


The FY23 investments include:

330K Total CPU Hours of high performance computing 

  • Initial 80K funded by UMRCP, additional 250k funded by Michigan Medicine. 
  • CPU credits are allocated on the Great Lakes cluster or the Armis2 protected data cluster; they can be used for standard, larger memory, or GPU resources.

20 TB Total of replicated, high performance storage 

  • Initial 10TB Funded by UMRCP, additional 10TB funded by Michigan Medicine.
  • Capacity can be split across sensitive and non-sensitive science data. The Turbo Storage can be used on many ARC/ITS, unit,, and laboratory systems.

No Limit Archive Storage

  • Initial 100TB funded by UMRCP, additional capacity is fully funded by Michigan Medicine.
  • Replicated, durable storage for massive data volumes. The Data Den system also supports reliable data transfer and international data sharing via

Allocations for coursework (Provided by UMRCP)

  • 1TB of big data can be used by faculty member per course taught 
  • Each course provided a 1 semester plus 2-week allocation of 100 CPU hours per student, to provide students with real-world experiences
  • Idle capacity available to undergraduate students upon approval

Additional Michigan Medicine Savings

In addition to the computing and storage savings offered through the UMRCP and MMRCI, Michigan Medicine is extending further savings to our researchers: 

  • Covering 90 percent of computing costs beyond UMRCP and MMRCI: For those requiring compute time beyond the credit hours offered in UMRCP and MMRCI, Michigan Medicine will further reduce researchers’ costs by covering 90 percent of total high performance computing costs on the shared campus cluster. This is an increase from an 80 percent cost-share budgeted for in fiscal year 2022. No action is needed to take advantage of these savings. Savings will be reflected on your next monthly billing statement.

  • Up to 20TBs of Locker: For implementation of Active Archive with DataDen for research storage needs. 

  • New web application hosting subsidy: For researchers looking to host web applications, Michigan Medicine is offering a subsidy to help cover a majority of the costs to run a web application in our Cloud Kubernetes Hosting Service. In most cases, no additional fees would be incurred for this service, depending upon the size of your web application. To take advantage of these savings, submit a container hosting ticket via the Michigan Medicine Help Center, or contact your Academic IT Liaison.


UMRCP eligibility 

The U-M Research Computing Package is available to all researchers on all campuses (Ann Arbor, Dearborn, Flint, and Michigan Medicine). For details, visit ARC's website. 

MMRCI eligibility

The Michigan Medicine Research Computing Investment is available to any U-M principal investigator who:

  • Has a home department within Michigan Medicine (50% or greater appointment)
  • Is a PI on an active or pending project grant, or is generating preliminary results for a project grant application
  • Is not working under another principal investigator
  • Non-clinical faculty must have a tenure track position
  • Lecturers, instructors, teaching assistants, research scientists, and research investigators are not eligible for the MMRCI

Eligible PIs are automatically enrolled in the MMRCI after signing up for the UMRCP.