HITS will soon be upgrading the software Michigan Medicine customer service centers use to manage their incoming calls.

The new system – Cisco Finesse – will offer substantial benefits over the current one, including better reliability and improved reporting

Preparing for Finesse - Equipment


Plantronics Blackwire 3225 USB headset

Headsets:  Headsets are required to utilize Cisco Finesse.  Existing Headsets will work when we convert to Cisco Finesse. If your staff do not have headsets, they can be ordered on the M-marketsite, located through is external).  Previous users have had success with the Plantronics Blackwire 3225 USB headset.  This headset is compatible with all workstations that have a USB outlet and Jabber.


Logitech speakers

Speakers are needed if an audible ring is needed for each phone call (otherwise all sound will transmit only through the headset).  Laptops contain speakers, so if this functionality is needed, and the user has a laptop, nothing further is needed.  If a user is not using a laptop, and needs this functionality, external speakers, like the ones below, can be also be ordered from  M-marketsite, which is available through

Preparing for Finesse - Software


Cisco Jabber is required to connect to Cisco Finesse to receive and place calls.  If your staff already use Jabber, nothing further is needed.  If your staff currently connect to Aspect with a physical phone only, or do not have Jabber account, request one now through this link:   Jabber Request - Michigan Medicine ( is external)     ** Select that that the user is an Aspect User if they will be using Cisco Finesse.  In compliance with UMMG Standards, voicemail will not be installed for Aspect/Cisco Finesse Users

Rollout Schedule

October 6, 2021

  •  Allergy
  • Neurology

October 27, 2021

  • Cancer Center 
  • Cardiovascular Center 
  • HITS Help Center (Service Desk) 
  • Select Medical Specialty Areas 
  • Transplant   


Welcome to Cisco Finesse!