IA Alert: Prepare for critical Drupal security release later today


Drupal reports that it will provide a “highly critical” security release sometime this afternoon (February 20) to address a vulnerability that may allow attackers to compromise Drupal sites. Watch for further details today and apply the update as soon as possible after appropriate testing.

UPDATE as of 2/20/19, 2:25 p.m.

Drupal has released the security advisory promised for this afternoon: Drupal core - Highly critical - Remote Code Execution - SA-CORE-2019-003.


Important update for CoreMac customers


Update: CoreMac V2 log in issue resolved 

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IA Notice: Apply Adobe security updates


Adobe has released security updates to address vulnerabilities in a variety of Adobe products. Some of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to take control of an affected system. In accordance with Adobe’s recommendation, Information Assurance (IA) recommends updating affected software within 30 days, after appropriate testing.

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Easily reset a forgotten UMICH (Level-1) password


 It is now easier to reset a forgotten UMICH (Level-1) password. If you set up account recovery information ahead of time - a  mobile phone number and/or a non-UMICH email address - it will make it easy for you to reset your UMICH (Level-1) password if you forget it.

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Reminder: Adobe Connect Pro is being retired on March 31


HITS is in the process of decommissioning Adobe Connect Pro; users will not be able to access the web conferencing system after March 31. 

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U-M IT standards information session


To help begin planning for how units will implement the approved IT standards that support Information Security (SPG 601.27), all interested persons are encouraged to attend the first in a series of sessions hosted by Information Assurance (IA) focusing on specific standards.


The information security standards session canceled last week due to extreme cold has been rescheduled for Friday, February 22, 1:30–3:30 p.m.. Those of you who registered should have already received an updated calendar invitation.

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IA Advisory: Uptick in phishing emails impersonating U-M employees


Please be aware: Information Assurance is seeing an uptick in fraudulent emails that appear to come from U-M employees or offices. This is a practice known as “spoofing.” 

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Cyber Safety – Review in 2: Protect Yourself from Tax Fraud


The Information Assurance: Michigan Medicine Education & Awareness Program “Cyber Safety – Review in 2” for February is to increase awareness about tax fraud. You will be able to view information on how to protect yourself from tax fraud on digital signs all around Michigan Medicine as well as on a screensaver on Windows devices.

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Greta Branford

Can EHRs’ contributions to physician burnout be cured? Mixing up training can help


It’s pivotal for organizations to institute an ongoing program that promotes a state of continuous improvement, keeping pace with new functionality, says Dr. Greta Branford, associate CMIO for ambulatory care and assistant professor of internal medicine/pediatrics at Michigan Medicine.

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traveling with tech

Traveling with technology: How to protect your data and devices


Suitcase? Check. Flip flops? Check. Laptop? Check.

Getting ready for an international trip? Before you pack your mobile phone, laptop, or tablet, use these reminders to avoid unintended risks  before, during, and after your travels.


Don't miss your Windows of opportunity!


Don't miss your Windows of opportunity! Act now to get the upgrade. Windows 10 teams will be reaching out by email and coming to your area. Be sure to respond so you can set a date for your device to be updated if it hasn't already been done. 

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IA Notice: FaceTime bug


Apple has removed the Group FaceTime feature from its FaceTime app while it works to fix a bug that allowed for eavesdropping of calls. The bug allowed a caller to listen to call audio even when the person they were calling had not yet answered. FaceTime users should watch for an update and apply it as soon as it is available.

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Leah Xu, HITS BI analyst, honored as "Making a Difference"


Leah Xu, a BI analyst senior with Health Information Technology & Services, was a recent recipient of peer recognition. 

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Michigan Medicine HR Solutions Center Case Management feature upgraded, improved


The Case Management feature on Michigan Medicine’s HR Solutions Center (HRSC) website – which allows users to submit requests related to Compensation, Employment, FMLA/Leaves of Absence, and General Inquiries – has been upgraded to provide a more attractive, user-friendly interface, and several substantial enhancements

CIO Andrew Rosenberg, MD

Machine learning: The next wave of artificial intelligence is making critical decisions in health care


Michigan Medicine CIO Andrew Rosenberg, MD recently weighed in on machine learning, the branch of artificial intelligence capable of identifying who is likely to be a no-show for their next clinic appointment or who is at risk for fatal medical conditions. The article appears in the January 2019 issue of Hour Detroit.

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New cybersecurity reminders to offer quick, valuable tips to employees


Starting this month, the Information Assurance Michigan Medicine Education & Awareness Program will publish monthly IT security awareness reminders titled “Cyber Safety — Review in 2.”

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Dr. Kyla McMullen

A look back at the 2018 Michigan IT Symposium


A number of HITS staff members presented and attended the fun and engaging Michigan IT Symposium at the Michigan League where Dr. Kyla McMullen delivered the inspiring keynote address. 

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IA Notice: Bomb threat emails sent nationwide, including U-M


Bomb threats have been made via email across the country, including here at the University of Michigan. The FBI is investigating and working with law enforcement. According to several media reports, officials are saying that these emails are not believed to be credible.

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Protecting medical devices from cybersecurity threats


Medical devices capable of transmitting health information and connecting to Michigan Medicine’s networks offer improvements to the effective delivery of patient care, but they also may introduce privacy and security concerns.

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Hyperion IR (Brio) to be retired and replaced by Toad Data Point


Please be advised that Hyperion IR (Brio) query officially retires on Dec. 21. Toad Data Point Professional is the recommended replacement tool.

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“Help Me Now” Hours for 2018-19 Holiday Season


During the upcoming holiday season, Help Me Now will observe the following schedule:

A decorative image that reads "Making a Difference: Be Inspired."

Making a Difference: November 2018 Highlights


Aaron Glenn, business systems analyst, was recognized for his work in creating a more inclusive environment at Michigan Medicine.

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Enriching Scholarship 2019 announced, call for proposals


This four-day event from May 6-9, 2019, focuses on improving teaching, learning, and research through the effective integration of technology and pedagogy.

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IA Notice: Check Google Chrome for pending updates


Updates to Google Chrome normally happen in the background when you close and reopen Chrome. If you seldom close and reopen Chrome, you may be missing important security updates. Check the icon in the upper right corner of any Chrome window to see if updates are pending. If there are pending updates, install them.

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Please support the United Way


As we get into the season of giving, let’s not forget those who struggle each day for a meal, a place to sleep safely, and warm clothing. 

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