Be wary of scams and identity fraud this tax season


University administrators are advising faculty and staff to be on the lookout for potential identity fraud as tax season gets underway.

2017 was a record year for corporate data breaches that exposed the personal and financial information of millions of people. While universities can be targets for criminals, no such data breaches have been detected at U-M. However, this doesn't mean that faculty and staff have not been affected by the growing problem of data security and identity theft.

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U-M signs agreements with two more cloud computing providers


To better leverage public cloud computing resources, Information & Technology Services announced it will add two additional infrastructure cloud platforms — Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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Karen Hollingsworth

Our nurses know: Technology


Karen Hollingsworth, R.N., M.S., CPHIMS, was recently interviewed by Michigan Medicine Headlines about her progression from nursing to IT. The Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) senior director began her career as a staff nurse — a position that exposed her to informatics and electronic health records. The emphasis on technology made it easy for Hollingsworth to transition from nursing into a career in healthcare IT. 

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Doctors reviewing x-rays

Michigan Medicine to receive $2.5M for sharing health data electronically


Michigan Medicine will receive approximately $2.5 million for completing a statewide incentive program to improve patient safety, enhance data integrity, and reduce workflow. The program, Common Key Service (CKS), provides a consistent and reliable way to match patients with their electronic health data across multiple healthcare settings by assigning a unique identifier for every patient in the state of Michigan.

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Michigan Medicine MVPs

HITS staff member Mark Tucci "Makes a Difference"


One way Michigan Medicine employees are recognized for their contributions is the Making a Difference Award. Mark Tucci, a desktop support specialist with Health Information Technology & Services (HITS), was a recent recipient.

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A HITS staffer installs a digital sign. (Photo by Rob Levitt)

Collaboration creates new digital signage that engages, informs Michigan Medicine community


As one of the largest health care systems in the world, communication to the more than 26,000 Michigan Medicine employees is not always easy.

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Bob Riddle installs equipment to help enable videoconferencing in Ethiopia.

Videoconferencing enables clinical education in Ethiopia


Ethiopia. It’s a country with limited bandwidth and just a single internet service provider — the government. But, thanks to Michigan Medicine, don’t count it out for videoconferencing.

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Kimberly Bonner of Health Information Technology and Services poses with her family at the recent world record setting gathering of people dressed as Rosie the Riveter.

Rosie the Riveter world record has connections to Michigan Medicine


Recently, more than 3,700 women and girls dressed as the iconic Rosie the Riveter — dark blue work clothes, red socks and an effervescent red and white polka dot bandana. Together, they gathered in Ypsilanti to set a new world record of the most people dressed as Rosie the Riveter in one place. Several of these women work or study at U-M.

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Advisory: Apply updates to avoid computer chip vulnerabilities


Security vulnerabilities in computer chips made by Intel, AMD, ARM and others could allow low-privilege processes to access kernel memory that is allocated to other running programs. The vulnerabilities—called Meltdown and Spectre—could allow an attacker to access information including passwords, encryption keys, and more. Linux, Windows, Apple, and others have already released updates to begin addressing the vulnerabilities. Watch for updates from the manufacturers of your devices and operating system vendors and apply them as soon as possible after appropriate testing. IA is monitoring news and security reports.


AT&T service order request now required for all Cisco phone moves


ATTENTION: Effective immediately, all personnel or departments within Michigan Medicine are required to submit a service request order to AT&T in order to have a Cisco telephone relocated. The requirement includes moving a phone within the same building or floor. 

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Andrew Rosenberg, MD

Becker's Health IT + Clinical Leadership 2018 Speaker Series: 3 questions with CIO Andrew Rosenberg, M.D.


Andrew Rosenberg, M.D. was recently interviewed by Becker's Hospital Review as part of an ongoing healthcare leader series. On May 10, Rosenberg will present at Becker's Health IT + Clinical Leadership 2018 in Chicago. 

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Mixed methods research combines qualitative, quantitative research


In the latest edition of Michigan Video Abstracts, world-renowned mixed methods expert Michael D. Fetters, M.D., M.P.H., M.A., professor of family medicine and co-director of the Michigan Mixed Methods Research and Scholarship Program, introduces the power of mixed methods research, a discipline that unites the strengths of both qualitative and quantitative research.

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HITS aims to create ‘playbook’ for merger and acquisition activities


When it comes to sports, playbooks are prized possessions, containing a team's strategies and plays to win the game. Without a playbook, even the best players will become confused about their role and how they should interact with their teammates.

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Windows 10 is coming to Michigan Medicine!


Windows 7 is being retired. Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) will be upgrading the operating system (OS) on all CoreImage Windows/PC devices from Windows 7 to Windows 10. 

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Randy Smith shows off a communication closet inside Parkland Plaza.

As Michigan Medicine grows, so does the need for technology


The first thing you notice when entering West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza health center might be the welcome desk, floor-to-ceiling windows, or charming artwork. It probably isn’t the WiFi access points, label printers, or network cables.

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Iron Viz Championship 2017 winners: Tyler Hughes, Beth Plotts, Dan Stanish.

First-ever Iron Viz Championship at U-M


It’s like “Iron Chef,” but with data instead of ingredients.

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Dr. Benedict Lucchesi, professor emeritus of phamacology

Professor emeritus discusses the problem of the 'stone heart'


In a recent interview for Michigan Video Abstracts, Benedict Lucchesi, M.D., Ph.D., professor emeritus of pharmacology, shared the story of a time when, as a young medical student, he assisted in an open heart surgery. The patient’s heart had turned into a “rock,” and sadly passed away. Lucchesi left the operating room that day determined to find out why.

Photo of DDLA individual awardees.

2017 diversity award for staff recognizes 10 individuals, five teams


Recipients of the ninth annual Distinguished Diversity Leaders Award for University of Michigan staff were celebrated Tuesday, December 4 at a breakfast ceremony at the Michigan Union. 


HITS staff participate in “Go-and-See” at the Clinical Simulation Center


In October, Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) staff representing various roles, teams, and divisions participated in a "Go and See" visit to the U-M Clinical Simulation Center, where they met with Center staff, and got to see and experience first-hand some fascinating and innovative learning technologies.

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Yottabyte Research Cloud computing platform is now HIPAA-compliant


Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services (ARC-TS) is pleased to announce that the Yottabyte Research Cloud (YBRC) computing platform is now HIPAA-compliant. This means that YBRC and its associated services can accept restricted data, enabling secure data analysis on Windows and Linux virtual desktops, as well as secure hosting of databases and data ingestion.

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U-M is the #1 public research university in the U.S.

#1 public research university in the U.S.


For the seventh straight year, the University of Michigan ranks first in research volume among U.S. public universities, according to the National Science Foundation (NSF) figures. The HITS Research Applications and Advanced Computing team is pleased to support researchers with a broad range of technological tools that enable research at the enterprise and individual levels with efficiency and security.

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ALERT: Apply update to protect against Mac OS vulnerability


A security flaw was detected recently in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 or higher that could allow someone with physical or remote access to the computer to log in, change administrative settings, and gain full access to the computer simply by entering the username root with no password. If Apple Remote Desktop, SSH, or other remote access has been enabled, an attacker could gain remote access. Apple has just released an update to address the vulnerability, but HITS recommends holding off to update.

Andrew Rosenberg, MD

President will recommend Andrew Rosenberg, M.D., as interim VP for information technology


U-M President Mark Schlissel announced today that he has asked Andrew Rosenberg, M.D., chief information officer for Michigan Medicine, to serve as the university’s interim vice president for information technology and chief information officer.

Properly dispose of mobile devices and data


Did you get a new smartphone or tablet on Black Friday or Cyber Monday? If so, you will want to make sure that you properly remove any personal data or sensitive Michigan Medicine data on your old device before you dispose of it.

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Getting a new mobile device on black Friday?


If you plan to purchase a new smartphone, tablet, or laptop on Black Friday or at the Computer Showcase Holiday Kick-Off event on Nov. 30, be sure to choose a device that is compatible with AirWatch in case you want to log in to the Michigan Medicine network.

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