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Every Michigan Medicine employee has at least two primary passwords: a UMICH (Level-1) and Michigan Medicine (Level-2). Here you can find more information on accessing and changing your accounts and passwords.

Faculty, staff, and students with a Michigan Medicine email account can access Adobe software products without purchasing or manually installing them independently. These products are ready for installation on HITS-managed devices including PC, Mac, and mobile devices. 

Amplify is a custom-built administrative application that provides a daily operational briefing mechanism, promoting situational awareness within our hospitals, medical groups, IT groups, and laboratory divisions.

Get application guidance and support for your project.

If it plugs in and you require assistance, we will come to you and help.

Audiovisual professional services aims to be the single point of contact for all audiovisual needs in University of Michigan Health System facilities.

Computer training rooms can be reserved by Michigan Medicine units that need to conduct classroom training sessions which require computers – such as for MiChart, Aspect, or Dragon.

Several sponsored medical subscription applications are available to Michigan Medicine Medicine enrolled in Intelligent Hub.

Learning Design & Delivery (LDD) can advise faculty on ways to use technology to present content so our students gain knowledge and skills through a variety of learning methods. We can create tools for technology-enabled learning, such as digital presentations, videos, mobile applications, e-books and assessment tools.

HITS collaborates with teams across Michigan Medicine and beyond to develop data and analytics solutions to support the work of leaders, researchers, clinicians, educators, and administrators to make strategic, data-driven decisions. 

Get help with storing and managing data throughout its lifecycle.

Find data services, request data integration or automation support.

HITS oversees the populating, reliability, and access to many of the data sets used within Michigan Medicine, including the ones listed below. 

Below are some of the most commonly-used tools to access, research, and display the data sets within HITS. 

Oracle, SQL Server, & MySQL are available for database secure hosting solutions.

If you need to purchase a new computing device for your unit, HITS can help.

Cloud-based storage to share files and collaborate with colleagues.


The UMMS Drupal Platform is a custom Drupal implementation designed for Medical School departments and their affiliated divisions, sections, institutes, centers, and programs.

U-M uses Duo two-factor authentication to protect U-M systems and data, as well as your own personal information.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is technology, strategy, and methods used to capture, manage, access, integrate, measure, and store information. Consider it your IT umbrella for document management.

Comprehensive IT expertise, research, and analysis tools are available at no cost to the entire Michigan Medicine community. Memberships include Gartner, Advisory Board Company, Scottsdale Institute, KLAS, and EDUCAUSE. These services can be used for RFP development, IT benchmarking, tracking trends, developing IT service strategies, and...

FaxServer is an application server that sends and receives analog faxes and turns them into picture attachments. It can deliver to an email account.

Every Michigan Medicine employee is granted access to a personal file space at their new employee orientation. This file space is referred to as the employee's Home Directory. Access to shared file spaces are also made available in order to enable team collaboration.

A firewall is a device that protects a network from unauthorized access.