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Get print-ready IT information for your department or upcoming event

Every Michigan Medicine employee has at least two primary passwords: a UMICH (Level-1) and Michigan Medicine (Level-2). Here you can find more information on accessing and changing your accounts and passwords.

All Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, and students can access the following Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Get application guidance and support for your project.

See information and updates for applications requested by the community, which are not currently in our application portfolio.

NEW! Get in-person support for tech issues in select classrooms. 

Computer training rooms can be reserved by Michigan Medicine units that need to conduct classroom training sessions that require computers.

HITS collaborates with teams across Michigan Medicine and beyond to develop data and analytics solutions to support the work of leaders, researchers, clinicians, educators, and administrators to make strategic, data-driven decisions. 

Get help with storing and managing data throughout its lifecycle.

Find data services, request data integration or automation support.

HITS oversees the populating, reliability, and access to many of the data sets used within Michigan Medicine, including the ones listed below. 

Below are some of the most commonly-used tools to access, research, and display the data sets within HITS. 

If you need to purchase a new computing device for your unit, HITS can help.

Dropbox at U-M is a secure, cloud-based storage option for storing all types of files and collaborating with colleagues inside and outside of U-M. All active Michigan Medicine faculty, staff, and students can access Dropbox at U-M. 

Learn more about hybrid-ready spaces, room reservations and training, and teaching applications.

Request a Windows PC computer configured specifically for researchers.

Access resources to Fluency Direct, a speech solution for free-form dictations of medical reports into Windows and web-based Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).

Explore high-performance computing options for researchers.

Move large data sets for computation with Michigan Medicine's high-speed research network.

Get a secure PC, Mac, or Linux computer built ready for work at Michigan Medicine. 

Medical School spaces supporting hybrid learning, to engage students that are in the classroom or joining remotely. 

Start here to get your IT questions answered for new and evolving projects. 

Get a secure, supported Linux environment built for researchers.

Review and access common medical education sites and applications used at UMMS.

MiChart is the fully integrated, patient-centric electronic health record (EHR) system used by over 30,000 members of the Michigan Medicine community. You may hear MiChart referred to as the software vendor name, Epic.